Complete technical ventilation systems from a single expert source

Technical ventilation systems, for industrial process technology, are complex systems and are usually composed using a large number of individual components. MEIERLING does not only design and manufacture fans but also the complementary components and modules.

MEIERLING’s range of technical components and peripheral equipment includes

  • Centrifugal separators
  • Inertial separators
  • Injectors
  • Duct diverters
  • Duct Silencers
  • Plate silencers

Centrifugal separators

Centrifugal separators, often called chaff cyclones, are used in technical ventilation systems for the separation of particulate matter from gas.

MEIERLING produces chaff cyclones in different sizes for high gas flow rates and a wide range of applications. Modifications in the corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant and pressure-resistant properties of the materials are adjusted for the planned applications.

Inertial separators

Inertial separators are used for removing coarser particulate matter from the exhaust. Cross-flow, counter-current or deflection are the principles of operation which may be chosen for use.


Injectors are used in process technology for the indirect transport of solids and gas. MEIERLING produces injectors in a number of performance ranges for many areas of application.

We will be glad to propose custom solutions for your special requirements. Please send us your framework data by email, or ring our designers directly: 0 77 63 92 31-0.