Wide range of service offerings

The tasks and requirements of plant engineering are always becoming more complex; for this reason advice and service are indispensable. MEIERLING offers its customers a wide range of services which represent an integral part of our whole product offering.


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MEIERLING’s service offerings include:

Combined with experience about the special requirements of your industry, are available consultation services.

During a mutual dialog we will investigate with you the existing or planned plant’s processing sequences. Our experts will then develop a conceptual solution to the challenges faced.

During the course of the project planning we will develop a project specification and break down the planning into the individual steps necessary to reach the goals that we have defined with you. We set the benchmarks for the implementation and carry out on-going monitoring of the project steps, right up to the successful final product.
Our engineers and technicians produce the fan and component design as 2D or 3D drawings and are able to read in designs produced by our customers.

At MEIERLING there is one project manager who is responsible for each project. They will coordinate the exchange of information amongst all stakeholders and monitor the achievement of benchmarks according to specifications, and the project plan.

MEIERLING possess a large vertical depth of manufacturing because for us quality is paramount. Fans, components and ventilation systems are largely manufactured in-house.

Outsourced parts, like motors and electrical components are supplied by renowned companies. Laser-cut and pre-formed metal sheet are supplied by a specialised partner company.

MEIERLING executes the final assembly, tests and inspections according to our own internal quality
management system.

Right from the beginning, the supply of a comprehensive after-sales-support has been an integral part of the MEIERLING philosophy. MEIERLING’s range of service offerings include

On-site assembly and commission
Regular maintenance or according to an agreed schedule
Service-hotline: +49 (0) 77 63 92 31 0
Balancing of impellers and alignment of shaft systems
CFD studies for optimising aerodynamic components
Technical ventilation measurements
Flow measurements
Repairs and replacement parts including external products

Often a heat treatment is required to relieve the stress within steel or stainless steel parts. Our annealing furnace is capable of treating parts with a diameter of 1400 mm and a height of up to 2 meters. Our contract annealing guarantees the necessary rates for the heating and cooling phases. It includes tests and, if wished, a documentation of the treatment.

For those companies who would like to outsource this work Meierling offers the balancing of rotors and assemblies. We conduct the measurements inside our balancing center and, if wished, can make the vibration reports available. Our balancing service can wither take place at our factory or on-site.

Companies who use fans or gas technology components can have their personnel trained by Meierling. During our courses we cover basic maintenance knowledge, practice on operating equipment and the practical execution of minor repairs. If you would like to know more then please give us a ring on +49 (7763) 9231-0, or email us at info@meierling-ventilatoren.de.