MEIERLING’s Quality Policies

Those who work at the limits of what is technically possible need to pay special attention to design, choice of materials and manufacture. This is why MEIERLING has always ensured high quality standards.

In addition to their internal quality and manufacturing principles, they have certified and organized their processes in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Quality management at MEIERLING

Quality management at MEIERLING

MEIERLING feels obliged to achieve the following quality goals

  • We wish to offer our customers products and services of high quality and excellent value, which are punctually delivered.
  • All processes and their execution are planned in such a way as to ensure that the quality goals are always achieved.
  • All employees in the company are obliged to deliver first-rate work. For this reason, the quality of work gets special emphasis during employee reviews.
  • All employees learn the principles of quality management, and how to achieve them, during their training and employee reviews.
  • The management regularly reviews how well the quality goals have been reached and ensures a constant development of the whole management system.