Industrial fans for thermal and chemical processes

There are many fan manufacturers, and there are plenty of fans which will satisfy standard requirements on the market. MEIERLING has specialised in those segments where individual solutions are required and special technical needs have to be met reliably.

MEIERLING develops and produces axial flow and centrifugal fans. We possess high levels of expertise and a wealth of experience, especially in the area of hot gas fans. MEIERLING produces these fans in accordance with the highest standards and employs precision manual procedures; they are used worldwide.

A comprehensive after-sales-support is guaranteed for our customers so that maintenance and repair can be carried out reliably. We ensure that a supply of replacement parts is available globaly.

Product Range

Type Centrifugal Fansgrafik_radial Axial Flow Fansgrafik_axial
Applications hot gas fans
cold gas fans
conveyor fans
hot gas fans
cold gas fans
tandem units
Characteristics gas-tight
vacuum tight