custom constructions

Expertise and experience for the technically demanding custom solutions

If aggressive gasses, or those that pose a risk to the environment or health need to be transported, the design, choice of materials and workmanship of the fans are conducted in such a way that there can be no escape of the substances, and a safe operation is guaranteed.

MEIERLING has reams of experience spanning many years, and a high level of expertise in the design and production of gas-tight, vacuum-tight, pressure-shock-proof and explosion-proof fans for the highest
technical demands.

In the area of custom solutions MEIERLING constructs fans with the following qualities

  • Gas-tight
  • Vacuum-tight
  • Pressure-shock-proof
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Explosion-proof
  • Reversible
  • Counter-rotating

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Customized solutions

We will be glad to propose custom solutions for your special requirements. Please send us your framework data by email, or speak with our designers directly: +49 77 63 92 31-0.