Axial flow fans for high volume flows and high pressures

Axial fans are suitable applications where high volume flows have to be transported with low resistance. Axial fans are pass through parallel to the axis of the fan, just like aircraft propellers, with the advantage that they are relatively much smaller whilst producing the same throughput.

MEIERLING axial flow fans are available with, and without, pipe housings using internal or external drives. Depending on the design they can be used for mid to high pressure applications.

The special advantages of MEIERLING axial flow fans are related to their use as reversible flow drives and also tandem counter-rotating units for high pressures.

The main industrial applications are

  • ovens
  • drying plants

The performance range of MEIERLING axial flow fans

Volumetric flow [m³/h] 300 000
Temperatures [ °C ] 800
Pressure boost [ Pa ] 4 000


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