Industrial fans for the most demanding applications

At MEIERLING we have been designing and manufacturing industrial fans for nearly 100 years. From the start we have concentrated on segments which require the ability to solve specific challenges and demand detailed knowledge about fluid flow and technical applications.

Produktion von Hochleistungs-Industrieventilatoren

MEIERLING provides a wide range of industrial ventilators including Centrifugal ventilators, Axial ventilators, hot gas ventilators, and transport and conveyor ventilators. Our expertise extends to special types of ventilators such as explosion-proof, gas or vacuum tight, reversible, cooling-gas and double unit ventilators. MEIERLING doesn’t just design and manufacture ventilators. We also provides the necessary equipment, components, and understanding to ensure a complete ventilating solution for you.

MEIERLING has experience supplying businesses and engineers in several diverse industrial sectors including the aluminum, ceramics, steel, glass, plastic, metal processing, and many more. Our products are defined by their high quality and the lasting value they generate in our longstanding customers worldwide.

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